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Wasatch Energy Sales

Serving Utah, Colorado, and the Wyoming Market.

About Us

Who are we ?

Wasatch Energy is a pipe valve and fitting company that specializes in the energy industry, oil and gas production, midstream pipeline, and refining and power generation. For product sales, we work with qualified manufacturers. Our product lines include companies that provide high-quality products at reasonable prices and have a long history in the energy, oil, and gas industries. Valves (balls, gates, globes, checks, relief, control, and butterfly), carbide coatings, pigging supplies, exotic alloys, high yield fittings, heavy wall fittings, gas analyzers, and fabrication services are examples of our product offerings.


Our Manufacturers

We work hard to maintain strong relationships with all of our manufacturers in order to provide you with the most competitive prices available.

CNC Flow Control Logo (for dark backgrounds) 600 ppi.png

Founded in 2017, CNC Flow Control is new only in name. Headquartered in Houston, Texas this single business entity unifies several trusted valve and flow line brands from across industry, creating an experienced, collaborative and diverse team. From extensive, long range projects to same-day delivery of commodity valves, our team is dedicated to understanding customers' needs in order to ensure exceptional service and the best solutions. CNC Flow Control product brands include C&C and Force supported by technical expertise.


Lowery Well Heads is a leading manufacturer of tubing and casing heads, gas well production equipment. Its long term commitment to the oil and gas industry is well known throughout the country. Quality precedes us as a national brand to choose when our customers have a choice of whose brand to buy. Value is another virtue to Lowery we use only top quality materials when producing our products. Make sure you chose Lowery Well heads for your next application


Better Protection - Less Maintenance - Lower Cost That's what you get with MayCor Energy Supply Containment Systems. Originally developed for oil and natural gas fields for economic containment purposes, MayCor Containment System is now widely used wherever containment is required: Oil and gas business for secondary containment due to Environmental Protection Agency regulations.


Our company offers high-quality industrial fabrication, with a focus in the Mining and Petrochemical industries & Our state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained staff allows us to offer a wide range of services that meet industry specifications


Our Products

We are a distributor/manufacturer representative for energy industry products such as oil and gas production, midstream pipeline, refining, and power. We work with qualified distributors and end users to deliver our products, and we take pride in providing a quality product offering.

  • “Y” Strainers 

  • 304/316SS Flanges/Fittings 

  • Ball Valves 

  • Butterfly Valves 

  • Check Valves 

  • Closures 

  • Control Valves 

  • Containment Systems 

  • CS/Hi Yield Fittings 

  • CS/Hi Yield Flanges 

  • Wafer Checks

  • Electric Actuators 
    Field Services 

  • Gas Analyzers 

  • Gate Valves 

  • Globe Valves 

  • Meter Runs 

  • P5/P9/P11 Forged Fittings 

  • Pig Sigs 

  • Pipe Fabrication 

  • Pneumatic Actuators 

  • Vessels

  • Pressure Pilots 

  • Relief Valves 

  • Sample Conditioners 
    Skid Fabrication

  • Specialty Fabrication

  • Specialty Forged Fittings

  • Stem Extensions

  • Structural Steel Fabrication

  • Tank Gauges

  • Utility Pigs

  • Well Heads and Stuffing Boxes

End User

End Users

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